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• Rivka Tadjer’s chilling and darkly funny novel, Two Weeks Under, answers the daily din of our weight obsession with this question: If you could go under a completely safe, affordable, two-week vanity coma to lose weight, would you do it. And one last thing Tadjer would like to know: size zero. Who decided that was a size?

• Two Weeks Under explores the unacceptable phenomenon of our self loathing judgment and unrealistic expectations.

• Author and journalist for 20 years


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• The media's affect on our sense of self -- our shame, alienation, obsession with visual perfection, youth culture, weight, plastic surgery need, body shame.

• Food and nutrition and our relationship to food in terms of weight vs. health.

• Trends in nutrition: eastern principles applied to Western life, latin botanicals, auyervedic approach, supplements and eating habits, alternative approaches to homeopathy and herbs, essential oils.

• Totally insane diets and why we have them; our self loathing.

• Why women are so hard on themselves. The need of perfection that transcends education and socio-economic levels. Sign of the times.

• Why we give up power, hand it right over, so easily.

• Privacy issues