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Tina Louise


Tina Louise is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. As a literacy and academic advocate, she became a Learning Leaders volunteer member in New York City twelve years ago and has been helping young students gain not only literary skills, but also confidence, self-determination and proof of their own potential.

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Lake Naomi Club

Premier Country Club Community

Nestled on what is known as “The Great Plateau” at the top of the Pocono Mountains, Lake Naomi-Timber Trails is the Country Club for those who love the good life of sports and the outdoors. With its pristine lakes, rustic wooded lots, country homes, meticulously groomed facilities, and first-class cuisine, it’s no wonder Lake Naomi Club has been the beloved retreat of families everywhere for over a century.

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Bentley Meeker

Lighting & Staging

Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging is one of New York City's top lighting vendors. With over 12 years experience in lighting and events, Bentley Meeker has built a reputation for providing outstanding service, creative solutions and state-of-the-art lighting for a diverse range of events.

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MeeWee Entertainment

Perry Landesberg, Daniel Klein

Cofounders Perry, a former producer for MTV's Lyricist Lounge, and Daniel, a former teacher, launched MeeWee Entertainment after realizing the need for entertaining, inspirational, and educational music for children. MeeWee recently debuted its new hip-hop album exclusively for children entitled "MeeWee: Hip-Hop for Kids.".

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Rivka Tadjer

Author and Journalist

Rivka Tadjer’s chilling and darkly funny novel, Two Weeks Under, answers the daily din of our weight obsession with this question: If you could go under a completely safe, affordable, two-week vanity coma to lose weight, would you do it. And one last thing Tadjer would like to know: size zero. Who decided that was a size?

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Andrew Shaffer

Founder of Order of St. Nick Greeting Cards & DepressingTimes.com

Andrew Shaffer might just be the only working comedy writer with a graduate business degree. Instead of using his MBA to enter the exciting world of investment banking, he has taken the unconventional route of funnyman. His humorous holiday cards, sold online under the publishing name Order of St. Nick, have been featured on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" and on dozens of websites, newspapers, and magazines across the world. Prior to starting his own greeting card business, Shaffer worked as an office manager in the education and telecommunications industries.Shaffer studied creative writing for a semester at the Iowa Writer's Workshop and later honed his craft at the Second City in Chicago.Andrew Shaffer lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa, and enjoys staring pensively into the camera in his free time.


Order of St. Nick | depressingtimes.com


Ed Barkin

Screenwriter, Director and Author

Ed Barkin was born and raised in New York City and is a graduate of Yale University. He has written numerous screenplays and plays and has made three original feature films. His most recent film, “Unforeseen,” had its international premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival. Variety called it “offbeat and accomplished” and singled Ed out for mention as an “attention-capturing” writer/director. Ed has also published a number of articles in top academic journals, such as the "Journal of Consciousness Studies" and the "International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence." "I Wish You Were Dead" is his first novel.

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Chef Domenic Chiaromonte

Executive Chef of Match Restaurant

Domenic Chiaromonte is a renowned International Red Seal Chef and Executive Chef for match Restaurant and Event Venue in Toronto, Ontario. His culinary accomplishments have been recognized by the ICA Las Vegas (CATIE) Awards and landed him a position as a top ten finalist in Food Network’s Superstar Chef Challenge in 2007. In his training with some of the world’s most accomplished chefs, Domenic Chiaromonte had the opportunity to experience an array of international food and flavors thus developing his distinct culinary approach that highlights a unique fusion of tastes and styles. Chef Domenic has been invited to appear in a variety of Food & Entertainment Magazines, he has also done his share of syndicated network television.

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Joyce Weinberg

Food Expert

Joyce Weinberg, founder and highly-regarded food expert and author, has been in the food business for more than 20 years. She is a recognized authority on artisanal, or handmade foods. Joyce is regularly quoted in the media, heard on the radio, and seen on TV for her food expertise. She is a former restaurateur, Fortune 500 food brand manager, and teaches at NYU. Joyce is also a catering expert, and her book, "The Everything Guide to The Catering Business," is available at book retailers around the country.




Merry Miller

Merry Miller is an entrepreneurial American business woman, entertainment news booker/reporter, and professional harpist. She was the producer/booker of the late Joel Siegel's Meet the Directors and Stars series.She is also the former Head of Programming at the Learning Annex. An integral part of the team, Miller helped take the company from two million to one hundred million dollars in annual revenue in under three years. She was named as one of the 40 "rising stars" in 2007's "40 under 40" list by Crain's magazine.




Bill Tush

Entertainment Reporter

Throughout his career, Bill has interviewed, and indeed befriended, many of the brightest stars in show business. He continues to be actively involved in the industry and is often called upon to comment on major developments within the entertainment community. In addition to an insider's view, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of movie and television history.




Shoshanna Rikon

NYC's #1 Jewish Matchmaker

Shoshanna's Matches is a private company specializing in traditional match-making services for Jewish professional men and women. Because so many of today's top professionals find it difficult to set aside time for personal pleasure and dating, she has devoted herself to helping these highly successful individuals cut down on the time and stress involved in finding their ideal life partners.