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Perry Landesberg, Daniel Klein

• MeeWee just debuted its new hip-hop album exclusively for children entitled “MeeWee: Hip-Hop for Kids” available on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic

• MeeWee’s unique brand of music is different from other children’s music because it is educational, and has already been tested extensively in classrooms across the country

• Producers for the music include Divinity, long-time collaborator and bassist for Beyonce Knowles, Keith Middleton, from international musical sensation STOMP, and Michael “Baby Power” Viera, star of MTV’s Lyricist Lounge

• MeeWee is free for teachers to download off the website


Experts Can Speak on:


• Entertainment industry

• Transitioning from the entertainment business to children’s entertainment

• Making hip-hop educational/children’s hip-hop

• Can discuss the move from one profession to another within the same industry (TV producer to Music producer in Entertainment Industry)

• Online business vs. brick-and-mortar business, specifically in the music industry

• Can discuss breaking into an industry and genre