Urban Rapture NYC


Barbara Purcell

• Barbara founded Urban Rapture NYC as a haven for healthy urban living–she is an expert on wellness and relationships, and has helped hundreds of men and women to healthier and happier lifestyles

• She will be featured in an August episode of the Tyra Banks Show as a "certified energy expert", helping couples with stress relief

• Fitness Qualifications: Barbara is a classically trained ballet dancer and nationally certified Vinyasa yoga instructor

• Holistic training: Barbara is a certified Reiki-II energy practitioner

• Coaching: Barbara promotes personal wellness, relaxation techniques, human sensuality, and self-empowerment and teaches self actualization through a hands-on, energizing approach to everyday problems

• Classes are held at Manhattan's premier wellness center, Kneaded Bodyworks, in Midtown

• Barbara also hosts corporate wellness seminars, helping business professionals relax and showing them how to relieve stress in the work place and beyond


Expert Can Speak on:


• Relationships: solving relationship troubles, strain on a relationship due to poor communication, anxiety, etc.

• Stress relief: avoiding getting overwhelmed at work or at home through various methods; taking time out of hectic lifestyles to find a healthy balance

• Female empowerment through exercise, mental health, etc.