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Jason Olim


• Jason Olim is the CEO of Freshman Fund and the founder and former CEO of CDNow, which he was able to grow to a $100 million business

• Jason is a guest lecturer at Wharton Graduate Business School on Tips for Entrepreneurs

• Jonah Keegan is the VP of Marketing of Freshman Fund. He is the founder of New York City Entrepreneurs Forum and previously worked for Right Media/Yahoo

• Jeff Frese is the VP of Sales of Freshman Fund, was involved in MTV’s initial website launch as a technologist, and also came up with the idea for Freshman Fund

• Chris McAleenan, part of Freshman Fund, founded three internet startups and is currently a partner at Gallup, a market research company


Experts Can Speak on:


• The importance of parents setting up a 529 plan for their child

• Freshman Fund is the hottest new gift on the market that lets adults give children a gift they can truly appreciate and keep for a lifetime: an education

• How to start an online business

• How to grow an online business into a multi-million dollar company

• Tips for successful entrepreneurs

• Gift giving trends, why education is the best gift for children

• Tips on How to Start an On-line Business

• His brand new idea and the concept in detail, how a small business can take two successful ideas like PayPal and Facebook, and make it something completely new