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Brian Drum, Carly Drum


• Executive Human Capital Solutions: With services ranging from executive search, middle management recruitment, management assessment, market analysis and executive coaching and development

• Drum Associates addresses the diverse human resources requirements of a wide range of industries on a global basis

• Brian Drum is the 2004 New York City SBA “Small Business Person of the Year”

• Carly Drum is an expert on anything related to business and the workplace


Experts Can Speak on:


• How political and economic influences affect small business owners (ex: 2008 election, possible recession, etc.)

• How to change a business model, business strategies to make a company less susceptible

• Hiring trends

• Year-end bonuses

• Hot job markets

• Workplace issues/etiquette

• Business gadgets

• Executive compensation trends

• Generation Y in the workplace

• How to keep company morale high during difficult economic times

• Corporate communication

• Workplace ethics

• Employee productivity

• Integrity in the workplace

• Relationships in the workplace

• Outplacement trends