More: Dr. Michael Silverman


Author of "Unleash your Dreams"

Neuroscientist and Psychologist

• Dr. Silverman's new book, Unleash Your Dreams, speaks on the subject of overcoming fears in order to be successful in work, at home, etc. It also discusses how to take risks that will help obtain your goals in life


Expert Can Speak on:


• Success in the corporate world, and possible obstacles that get in the way of achieving success

• Women’s fears of achieving success in the workplace

• How to overcome the fear of taking risks for small business owners

• Postpartum depression: what it is, recent developments, symptoms, treatment, therapy vs. medicine, PPD in men vs. women, etc.

• Overcoming fears and anxieties: of achieving success, of failing

• Trends in the mental health industry: how it’s becoming more specialized with an emphasis on new brain studies and self help options, etc.

• Using computer software to understand the brain

• Risk-taking: for business professionals to achieve their career objectives; for women; for athletes to obtain their goals; for businesses to grow; etc.

• Women and careers: women’s problems achieving success in the workplace; balancing a career and family; etc.

• Counseling: how to change your perspective by changing the way you think; how talking to someone helps